DISCOVER HITACHIOTA 常陸太田市 Local experiences in Japan

DISCOVER HITACHIOTA 常陸太田市 Local experiences in Japan


Hitachiota City is just a one hour drive to Ibaraki Airport which offers direct flights to both China and Taiwan, and only two hours from Tokyo by expressway.
From the end of the Heian Period (around the year 1100), the Hitachiota area developed as the power base of the Satake Clan, and then during the Edo Period (1603 – 1868) as a city of commerce under the Mito Clan Tokugawa Family. The city’s long history mean it is home to a variety of temples, shrines and historic remains connected to the Satake Clan and Mito Tokugawa Family.

Furthermore, thanks to the area’s rich natural environment, Hitachiota is the perfect place to get outdoors and experience the beauty of the Japanese seasons with experiences like the Ryujin Suspension Bridge bungee jump. This 100m jump is the second highest in Japan, and attracts more than 10,000 adrenaline junkies every year!

Hitachiota is also one of Japan’s top buckwheat producing regions and the home of Hitachi Aki Soba brand soba noodles. The fertile soils also mean the area is ideal for growing fruit and vegetables, leading to a variety of fresh and seasonal dishes to enjoy all year-round.
With all that to discover and more, make sure to add Hitachiota to your travel plans!

Ryujin Suspension Bridge
Ryujin Suspension Bridge is a pedestrian-only suspension bridge spanning a artificial lake formed behind a dam. The bridge is designed in the shape of a dragon and, at 375m long, is one of the biggest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan.
Ryujin Bungy Jump
At 100m tall, the Ryujin Bungy jump is the second highest in Japan year-round bungy jumping site! Enjoy dramatic views of the surrounding landscape as you plunge from the bridge to the lake surface below. Are you up for the challenge?
Ryujin Gorge
Outdoor Activities
Outdoor activities such as canoeing and boating are available on the lake below Ryujin Suspension Bridge. Take in views of the bridge and surrounding nature as you explore the area on the water. Instructors are on hand to help meaning all activities are suitable for beginners!
Kimono Wearing Experience
(Antique Gallery Hanatemari)
This gallery is located in the Kujiragaoka Shopping District of Hitachiota and sells both antique and modern kimono as well as small Japanese accessories.
The shop also offers kimono experiences, allowing visitors to truly immerse themselves in the retro atmosphere of the area.
Hitachi Aki Soba
Hitachiota is also one of Japan’s top buckwheat producing regions and the home of Hitachi Aki Soba brand soba noodles.


Thanks to the natural protection of the Abukuma Mountains in the north, good drainage and soil rich in calcium and other minerals, Hitachiota is the perfect location for growing fruit.

  • Grapes
    August – September
  • Nashi Pears
    mid-August – late September
  • Strawberries
    December – May
  • Hoshishimogaki Persimmons
    late October – late November
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